Vienna Jacques – “A Savior of Life!” – By Mama Karmel

Vienna Jacques – “A Savior of Life!” – By Mama Karmel

I have always thought that Emma Smith was the only woman mentioned, by name, in the Doctrine and Covenants. I was excited to learn that there are two!  Vienna Jacques is the second and is mentioned in D&C 90.  I enjoyed reading her life history provided in this month’s LDS Ensign magazine and learning why Joseph Smith wrote of her that she,

“proved a savior of life as pertaining to the pecuniary concern.”

Her conversion is extraordinary, including visions.  Her commitment is unfailing, including move after move after move during persecution and hardship.  Her endurance is admirable, into her late 90’s as a contant aid to the cause of Zion!  I felt so inspired by her life, her example and by her words.  At one Relief Society meeting, she counseled her sisters, that prayer was most effective for her when she thought

“to simply ask for those things which she needed.”

Her testimony speaks to me over 100 years later!  A specific need of mine came to mind that I need to “simply ask for”.

Another great council that she offered to her fellow sister saints,

…telling the women in a beautifully simple way that they should never “be afraid to do good. You will never be sorry.  Don’t neglect your duties.  When we neglect our duties, we lose; when we lose, the adversary gains.”

Her simple, powerful words made me wonder… what would the Vienna of 2016 do with Elder Nelson’s recent counsel to the women of the church to defend courageously and teach fearlessly? How does her example apply today?

I add her to my list of historical heroes that I hope to emulate, remember, honor and use as a reference in teaching my children.  You can read the entire article and learn more about Vienna’s life HERE.

Here is a link to one of the earliest letters we have of Joseph Smith writings.  He wrote this letter to Vienna. Below it also contains more history and information about this wonderful woman and saintly exemplar.

Letter from Joseph to Vienna

I want to be like Vienna, and “simply ask for those things which I need.” I know He listens and answers.

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  • I have been drawn to Vienna for decades. I think in part because she was single and I was single for so long. We have so many beautiful examples of sisters in our history. This fall, two dear friends of mine will publish a book through Deseret Book on female accounts of the Book of Mormon. I’ve read it in part and it will be another to add to your collection. Also, do you have Camille Olsons books?
    Thanks for the post Karmel!

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