We Will Adopt Your Baby

UPDATE:  We received nearly 100,000 views in just a few short days thanks to everyone sharing our post on Facebook.  Through this wave of support we are now currently helping three babies come into the world whose mothers have courageously chosen not to abort.  They all have homes prepared for them.  There are many families willing to adopt should you know of a woman in need of support.  We would love to help them consider all possible options as they consider what is best for themselves AND the baby.  Please reach out… we can help!

Please share with anyone you know who may need help.

Ours is not the only family who wants to help… there are many!

If you are considering abortion, please consider allowing Brigham and me the privilege of loving and raising your baby.

We will love you and your baby for eternity, and do all in our power to help, now and always.

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Here’s our story of why we are offering to adopt your baby if you are considering abortion…

It’s simple, really, God told us to.

I hope that you will ask Him what you should do and I trust that he’ll speak to you also.  I know he hears and answers prayers and loves you deeply.

When I was 23 years old, I was listening to a radio talk show on abortion and I remember feeling deeply moved to the point of tears.  I was devastated at the idea of abortion.  I wanted to reach out and help, to do something that would help these potential mothers to feel helped, loved and supported.  I wanted to help them feel God’s love for them and for their unborn baby.

I felt like I wanted to shout from the rooftops that we must stop abortion and that these women needed real help, support and love with better options to choose from!  In that moment of deep emotion, the spirit very clearly spoke to my mind,

“If you want to stop abortion and counsel a mother to have her baby, you need to be willing to raise that baby if she is unable or unwilling.”

Being unmarried at the time, I was struck by the instruction.  I remember considering it deeply as that was a real game changer for me.  It was one thing to just mentally tell others what they should do and another thing entirely to offer myself as a helper and part of a solution.  As I mulled over the idea, I quickly resolved that I would be willing to raise that baby, absolutely I would!  No doubt about it.  And then I put that idea on the shelf and moved along in my simple single life.

Fifteen years of marriage and 7 children later, I knew that Brigham and I were done having children.  The last pregnancy was not only very difficult for me, but it was difficult for the entire family, grandmas and church family.  Certainly our family was complete.  We have 7 children!  That is quite a quiverful of blessings.

I felt it necessary to start this website and blog to share ideas and to “speak out” as counseled by Russel M. Nelson in his “Plea to Sisters” in October 2015 Conference.  I spent all day Saturday October 24th getting it ready so that I could go and blog information to share from various sessions of the World Congress of Families IX 2015 in SLC. I felt happy that night, going to bed that I had made the deadline and I was ready to go for blogging from the conference.


Early Sunday morning, October 25th, the spirit literally awoke me, well before my alarm with the following message,

“The time is now. Offer to adopt on your website.”

In a flash of understanding that I am now so well rehearsed in and familiar with, the Lord laid out for me yet another assignment.  He would have me rescue one of his children from abortion and one of his daughters from the grief of having to go through that experience.  I understood instantly in that moment that this website/blog has a larger purpose than to share information from the WFC Conference.  The time has come for me to act upon the commitment I made back in 1999.  I was to use this website to offer to help a woman struggling with the choice between abortion or adoption and hope that she chose our family.

I went to the temple the next morning to confirm the experience.  Not only was it confirmed, but the Lord further expanded before me a vision of things to come in my life that would be made possible by this initial opportunity to help and love and serve.  It would be critical for me to have this experience so that I would be able to help others more intimately in the future.

I was hesitant to share this with Brigham.  I shouldn’t have been, for when I shared my experiences with him, his response was perfect, he said, “That sounds beautiful”. I am married to a giant of a man, a selfless husband and ideal father.

I don’t really even know anything about abortion or the Pro-life movement.  Interestingly enough, 2 days later, on the 27th of October, I find myself in an afternoon of training from the world’s top leaders in the Pro-life movement at the World Congress of Families.  All of a sudden, I am feeling more educated, more empowered, more devoted than ever to the cause of helping pregnant women with unplanned pregnancies to receive the loving help they need to explore other options.

So friends… here we are, the Larsons would be so happy to have an 8th baby.  We offer ourselves, our family, our home, our resources and our love to help any woman who finds herself feeling unable to care for a baby.  We can help you.  Please don’t choose abortion.  Please choose our family.  We are riddled with imperfection but we pray hard every day to keep improving, and we have an abundance of love to share.

Let’s work together as daughters of God, you and I, to help your baby come into this world and experience life on earth, as a child of God.  I am a devoted mother and will offer every opportunity possible to your little one to know love, joy, learning and play every day.

Answers from Brigham and Karmel (we have had a lot of questions flowing in)…

We have been overwhelmed with the response and kind feedback to our post “We will adopt your baby”.  Over 40,000 views have occurred in the first 48 hours.  Thank you everyone for sharing.  Please keep sharing and help us find who needs our support, help and love.

Here are some responses to questions that we have been receiving.

Will you help a woman who is not considering abortion?

Of course!  I guess you could say that she has considered it and decided that it is not an option.  We are looking to lighten the distress and burden of any woman who finds herself in grief and stress at having discovered an unintended pregnancy.  We can offer relief, love and resources to her and to her baby.

Will you adopt a non-white baby?

Yes, we will help and love anyone and be happy to raise any baby who needs a loving home and devoted parents. Brigham and I both speak Spanish and Brigham speaks French if that is helpful information to anyone.

Will you adopt a baby with a problem or disability?

Absolutely.  EVERY life is of infinite worth to God and to us.  We are not afraid of challenges and trust that if God has invited us to do this, that he will strengthen us to handle any possible situation.  In fact, my experience has been that it is in the challenges and sacrifices and overcoming in life that make us strong and the blessings roll forth.  We will love and serve any birth mom and baby in any situation.

Will you support the birth mother?

Yes, we would open our home to her if needed, provide as many resources as possible to help her maintain privacy, confidentiality and safety.

Will you cover medical costs?

Yes of course.

Why are you doing this when you already have 7 children.  Don’t you think you should let the couples with no children and infertility struggles have the chance to adopt rather than you with so many?

Our intent in reaching out to help a birth mother and baby, is certainly not meant to harm another couple.  We do not intend to join any adoption agency lists or to “compete” with a profile against other couples.  Rather, we feel directly commanded by God to consecrate our lives to another human being who may be in need of our help. (read our story HERE).  So in faith and obedience, we are just putting this out to the world, trusting that if God commanded it, he will provide the connection and bring the right mother and baby into our lives.  I know that there are MANY women who are not considering adoption right now, rather, they are planning on abortion.  I am hopeful that our words will help many consider having the courage to endure the 9 months of pregnancy to then let another couple like us or many others in the world who would be willing to raise the baby for the rest of eternity.  Let’s encourage more mothers to give birth and build a bridge to another mother rather than choosing abortion.  Our intent is to help.

Please contact us.  We are available to help.

Brigham and Karmel Larson





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