Why You Need a Mentor!

Why You Need a Mentor!

There is great power in having a mentor and in mentoring others. I failed to mention, in the video, the very most important part about the power of mentoring….

In addition to access to all of the wonderful mentors that life has to offer that I outlined in the video, we have access to the very best of all mentors possible.  You can every single day become “Mentored by the Master” and seek out individualized training, mentoring, coaching from God.  As you seek for mentors to guide your path and grow your capacity and ability to achieve and give, don’t neglect to “return and report” daily and weekly with the most powerful of all mentors.  My very best, hardest and most rewarding mentoring assignments have come from God.  He is my most powerful mentor.  I am so grateful though for the additional mentors that have blessed my life and who continue to arrive year after year to help teach me and connect me with other great people whom I’m able to learn from.

Here are some additional reasons why it is so valuable to have a mentor(s):

  • Mentors are connectors and often introduce you to critical new individuals in your journey.
  • Mentors introduce new ideas, concepts and resources that you never knew even existed! They tell you what you didn’t even know that you didn’t know!
  • Mentors shorten your learning curve and propel you into your future faster
  • Mentors are cheerleaders and offer encouragement when we need a boost or don’t fully recognize our own greatness and potential.
  • It’s wonderful to create on your own, but usually more powerful and productive to have feedback and correction.
  • Excellent mentors invite you to set your own goals and also set a few goals for you… encouraging you to grow beyond what you “thought” was your maximum ability – they see beyond your sight line.
  • Mentors help us to LEAP over potential mistakes.  We learn from their experiences and thus stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • Mentors are advisors and usually have years or even decades ahead of us in experience.  Although I have had powerful peer to peer mentoring experiences especially in motherhood & parenting counsel.
  • Mentors highlight our strengths AND our weaknesses.  A great mentor will not shy away from shining a light on areas where we need further development and helping us see the path to progress to overcome those hurdles.
  • Mentors pose thoughtful questions and allow us to explore the process of finding the answers while nurturing our leadership abilities and not spoon feeding each thought.
  • Mentors help to provide accountability and often a tough love approach to demanding excellence.
  • Accountability is king for a mentoring relationship and a good mentor will require an understanding of a “commitment”.
  • Mentors are excellent for feedback.  We can share an idea and be confident that we’ll get a straight answer, not the answer we WANT to hear.


Oprah Winfrey stated, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

I keep an ongoing list as part of my education plan document, of my mentors and hopes for future mentors.  Here are some of my mentors that I have been blessed to learn from over the past decade… some formal and some informal, some very short connections and some long term relationships.

My mentors for whom I am so grateful and appreciative of their time, generosity and influence in my life!

2005 – LaDawn Jacob – Motherhood, Patience

2009 – Cherie Burton – Confidence, Purpose, Revelation, Health, Presence, Public Speaking, Interviewing

2010 – Angela Baker– Education, Reading, Writing, Time Management & Prioritizing

2011 – Jennilyn  Jorgensen–  Health & Spiritual Routines

2012 – Carol Tuttle – Dressing Your Truth

2013 – Amy Pelo  – Work Ethic and Training Children to Work

2014 – Amy Perry – Mind Organization Program – Home and Office Organization

2015 – Present Diann Jeppson – Parliamentary Procedure and Non-Profit Building

2015 – Jane Birch Plant Based Eating, Health & Wellness

2016 – LeLand Anderson – Education Administration and Development

2017 – John Richards – Tech Start Up Business Scaling

2017 – Eleni Wilding – Health and Wellness Mentoring

2017 – Paula Fellingham – Global Reach and Development


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